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Stories about license plates...? Well, not really.

More like stories about the love people have for their horses,
and the passion they share for the horse industry.
Read a'll see why we posted 'em!

"Promoting Positive Learning Experiences in Adult Education"

Kay Rudisill, DM, MBA, PMP moved to Europe when she was young, where she spent 20+ years learning foreign languages and cultures. After moving to Colorado, she studied Organizational Leadership and now leads an exciting global learning team that provides operational excellence to Oracle’s Organization and Talent Development group. Passionate about learning and development, Kay teaches business and project management courses to graduate and undergraduate students at Colorado Technical University and Argosy University. With encouragement from fellow students, Kay presented and facilitated workshops at the International Leadership Association and at numerous Academy of Management sessions. In her free time, Kay loves to ride her horses, ski, cook, and practice/teach Aikido. Enthusiastic about combining her passions, Kay tries to find ways of developing awareness through her experiential research of Aikido and working with horses.

Kay Rudisill, DM, MBA, PMP

"Getting Back to My Roots..."

I am native to Colorado. Spent my younger childhood on the Western Slope enjoying our family ranch and the country lifestyle, eventually moving to the San Luis Valley and working on a ranch my high school basketball coach owned. This is where I belong and it’s time to get back to those roots through volunteering and purchasing some ranch property in the next few years. I am happy to support the horse industry and proud to display the plates on my new truck.

Patti Newton
Longmont Colorado

Making a "Difference in the Lives of Horses"

I moved from Oregon to Colorado in 2013 to pursue a second bachelor’s degree in equine sciences and journalism at Colorado State University. I love horses, science, and writing and I plan to make a difference in the lives of horses by helping owners understand the technical aspects of equine disease, genetics, and reproduction. It’s my pleasure to show my support for CHDA, horses, and the equine industry with my “Support the Horse” license plate.

Dixie Crowe

"Horse Lover"

Dear [CHDA], here is a photo of horse lover.

Thank you,
Johnie Romero

"...the reason I am alive, clean and sober..."

Dear [CHDA, here] is a picture of myself & my horse Zipper. This is the reason I am alive, clean and sober over 10 years, responsible, successful, reliable, need I say more. Thank You God for these fabulous four legged creatures.

Oz Osmon

" dad and I are now proud supporters..."

Hi my name is Jade Hollis, I am ten years old. The horse you see in the picture is Pepsi. Her original name is Pepi's Fire. She is my 23-year old bay Arabian mare. I got her when I was 5, she was originally my grammas and now I have her! Horses are my favorite animals. I have two dogs: Smores (a Chihuahua mix) and Rocko (a Pekinese). I have one brother – he is 17 years old. I am a strong supporter of the American Wild Mustang, and my dad, Kevin Hollis, and I are now proud supporters of the Colorado Horse Development Authority.

Jade and Kevin Hollis

"I just got my new "Support the Horse" license plates and LOVE them."

I am recently retired from the aerospace industry and decided I needed something to do with my time that gives me a sense of personal reward, and something that feels like I'm contributing in a good way. So I began volunteering at the local horse sanctuary, Harmony Horse Works in Conifer. I volunteer every day now, about three hours a day. It is the most rewarding thing I've done in a long time. We have nine rescue horses and each one has a special place in my heart now. I am learning so much about horses, and how much they need us to care for them. I'm also learning about the tragic state of unwanted horses and hope that buying this license plate will help benefit in some small way.

Thank you for offering this way of showing support for these magnificent animals!

Gail Hite

" the horse in Colorado."

I am Jodi Rinard with the Mile High Vaulters. When we could not go any longer without a new (er) truck we were happy to discover the option for the Support the Horse license plate, especially since it came in our team color of Green. Equestrian Vaulting is the wonderful sport of gymnastics and dance performed on a moving horse. I am a lifelong horse lover and started the Mile High Vaulters here in Colorado in 2002.

Since our vaulting horses do such a great job of supporting us, we are happy to return the favor and support the horse in Colorado. The photo is our 19 hand percheron gelding Sampson carrying a vaulting pairs event.

Please come visit our website at

Jodi Rinard
Mile High Vaulters
Fort Lupton, Colorado

"I love my new license plate..."

After completing an internship in equine surgery and emergency care, Dr. Courtney Diehl owned and operated a mobile equine practice, which served Eagle, Summit and Lake Counties in Colorado. The practice provided all aspects of routine and emergency care for show horses, working ranch horses, pleasure horses and family pets. Dr. Diehl was mentored by Dr. George Platt, well known for his success in treating laminitis (founder). She uses Dr. Platt's methods exclusively and has seen the majority of her founder cases return to full performance. Dr. Diehl served as the on-site veterinarian for the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo, as well as a judge for various 4H projects and events. She sold the practice in 2006 and moved to Kentucky with her husband and infant daughter where she completed a six-month Fellowship in Internal Medicine and Critical Care at the renowned Hagyard, Davidson & McGee Equine Hospital. She then worked for a equine and small animal practice near Saratoga Springs, NY. There she provided veterinary care for primarily thoroughbred mares and foals, as well as show and sport horses. Dr. Diehl and her family are happy to be back home in the Rocky Mountains. When not working, she enjoys family time, telemark skiing, reading and spending time with their cats, dogs and horses.

"If your mind is empty, it is always ready for anything; it is open to everything. In the beginner's mind there are many possibilities; in the expert's mind, there are few.....That is the real secret of the arts: always be a beginner."
-Shunryu Suzuki

Courtney S. Diehl, DVM
PO Box 883363
Steamboat Springs, CO 80488

Phone: 970-871-7801
Emergency Pager: 970-870-4960


"'s path to glory"

"My name is Pete James and I have been working with horses for about a year and a half. I work as a wrangler at the Academy Riding Stables at Garden of the Gods. We offer 1,2 and 3 hour guided trail rides through the Garden of the Gods. We currently have around 70 plus head of horses on the property which includes private boarding.

"Look back at our struggle for freedom, trace our everyday strength to it's source, and, you'll find that man's path to glory is strewn with the bones of the horse""

- Pete James

"...became a horse enthusiast when she began
Adult Western Horseback riding lessons"

"Katie Kelly became a horse enthusiast when she began Adult Western Horseback riding lessons at the age of 27 in Houston, Texas. Katie now continues her work with horses in Colorado, where she regularly takes lessons and rides at J Bar 4 Ranch. When she's not riding, Katie works in the Natural Gas industry and manages Process Improvement initiatives for her company. "

- Katie Kelly

"...enjoyed riding the mountain trails and open spaces"

"Sammy is a 21 yr old Mustang and came from the NAVAJO Nation reservation. Sammy and I have enjoyed riding the mountain trails and open spaces designated in Colorado. We hope to enjoy the trails in Colorado for many more years to come."

- Brenda Sullivan, Northglenn, Colorado

"Horses are my passion. I love to ride more than anything. .."

"I'v only lived in Colorado for just over a year now, moving from Alaska. Horses are my passion.I love to ride more than anything and would live in a barn if I could. When I was younger I did alot of Gymkhana on a great appaloosa and did western pleasure on a big paint mare. I hope to have my own horse again by next summer.But for now I ride a big appy named Spud. We trail ride almost every weekend. Hes a great horse and just may end up belonging to me. I am proud to support the horse industry by displaying my new plates."

- Donna Lewis, Steamboat Springs, Colorado

"I have been a horse lover all my life."

"I have been a horse lover all my life. I grew up raising horses and had some experience in showing in my younger years. I reside in Clear Creek County in hopes that someday I can purchase some horse property. I’m 47 years old and I’m Executive Secretary for Climax Molybdenum Company."

- Lisa Cross

"I am so happy to support Colorado’s Equine Industry."

"My name is Kim Baker and I loved horses since I was a young child. Growing up with the stories of “Black Beauty,” “The Black Stallion,” “My Friend Flicka,” I watched anything and everything that had to do with horses. I am a Denver native and I am so happy to support Colorado’s Equine Industry as I am very much a part of this industry both as a horse owner and a professional horse trainer in the business."

"I got my first horse when I was 26, but had been taking riding lesson as a young girl. After a quick seven months my first horse died unexpectedly. I knew I wasn’t done with horses and got my second horse the following year. When I got laid off from my job, I then decided to make my passion my new job. I started going to more clinics and found some mentors and did apprenticeships for the next several years. Now I have opened my own business KB Natural Horsemanship where I offer foundation training, trail training, riding lessons, energy healing and more. Visit my web site for more information and how to contact me"

"For the love and support of the horses both domestic and wild! "

- Kim Baker


"I am so happy to support the horses I love and the horse industry."

"I am from Stamford, CT where I started riding at age 16. I moved to Colorado in 2000 with the dream of owning my first horse. At 33, that dream came true when I adopted Jackson, an Appaloosa gelding from a local rescue. He had been abused and I could hardly get near him, but I knew we were meant to be together. With the help of two fantastic trainers, he is my best friend and we share a very special trust. I work as an RN, but my dream is to be able to have a boarding/training facility and spend my days with these wonderful animals. I feel so lucky to live in a place where my horse crazy daughter and I can ride and fulfill our passion. I am so happy to support the horses I love and the horse industry."

- Jen Harrington

"We hope the CHDA is part of the solution!"

"I am attaching a picture of our Horseback wedding this last August. We live in Sedalia, happy horse owners, who have witnessed many unforeseen tragedies in our state's equine population. We hope the CHDA is part of the solution!"

- Julia Harris

"no hour of life is lost that is spent in the saddle" -W.Churchill

"Colorado is now home. I've been here a little over a year, and will only visit the PNW; it's just too wet there to ride all year long. Horses have been part of my life for over 35 years. I have found the perfect job; outside everyday, dealing with all aspects of horse life and nothing could be finer. I am proud to "wear" my new license plate and hope that others will soon follow."

- Joan McFarland

"...a good horse, fresh air, plenty to eat and good friends."

"Born on a cattle ranch in Kansas this Professional Photographer couldn’t wait to leave the flatlands and relocate to Western Colorado and spend time in the Rocky Mountains on horseback. Having been on the back of a horse for over 50 years, I was tickled pink to see these great new license plates and knew I had to purchase one as soon as possible. I am looking forward to retirement in the years to come so I can grow old astride a good horse watching wildlife in the great Colorado outdoors. But what else does a man need besides a good horse, fresh air, plenty to eat and good friends. Everything else seems like a waste."

- Justin Bowen, Olathe CO


"learned so much from her horse experiences."

"I am a 4H Leader with my daughter's 4H Club. She is a senior in high school and has had an incredible experience through 4H. She is now a level IV rider in English and Western riding, as well as Showmanship. Prior to that she was in a Pony Club - which got her off to an wonderful start with horses. She is currently leasing a beautiful paint horse for showing. She is planning to attend college next year and will be on its Equestrian Team. She has learned so much from her horse experiences. These experiences and the world of horses has allowed my daughter and I to maintain a very close relationship throughout her teenage years. I feel totally indebted to these magical and majestic creatures. I now have a paint horse of my own and look forward to years of trail rides with him. In my real life I am a social worker for a public school system. The students love the photos I bring in to my office of horses and show a real interest in them."

- Chris Henson

"I am happy to support the horse as horses are my passion"

"I am happy to support the horse as horses are my passion and their well-being my business.

I am an Equine Massage Therapist and I am currently researching the healing of contracted tendons in foals naturally, combining massage and photonic therapy. The results to date have been remarkable and I hope to write a manuel outlining this procedure in the near future. I also teach natural equine communication and foundation and I have recently started to help rehabilitate rescue horses so that they may be placed and live normal lives. For fun I show my 10 year old stallion Poco Tango Doc in reining and Versatility Ranch Horse and have 2 young mares coming along."

- Janet Crow, Natural Horse Power, LLC


"Wild Horse Advocate and Photographer"

"The 55-million year history of equines, originating in North America, is a fascinating story of evolution, survival, endurance, and freedom that has supported and inspired man since the dawn of time. Or entire world history has been realized on the backs of horses.

More than two million Mustangs roamed the West at the end of the 19th century, but now only 25,000 to 30,000 remain (with another 30,000 plus in holding facilities). I've had horses my entire life and have always been fascinated by the wild and feral horses still roaming free. But the laws we have in place to protect America's wild horses and burros are failing and I have become an advocate in their ongoing protection. I use my photography to support the last wild horses, our noble status symbols of the West, with 100% of all proceeds from the sale of wild horse images benefiting organizations like the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary, the Pryor Mountain Wild Mustang Center, and the International Society for the Protection of Mustangs and Burros. Visit my Web site at for more information.

- Karen Parker

"Thank you Colorado for making the statement
of how important the horse is in our lives!"

"I am a 53 year old IT Professional that owns & rides a 22 year old Paso Fino mare that would take me anywhere but through a puddle of water. We have been waiting forever for the plates to be available. Thank you Colorado for making the statement of how important the horse is in our lives!"

- Joe Darmofal


"...trail riding in the mountains"

"I am 18 years old. I have a Paso Fino mare. We like to spend our weekends trail riding in the mountains."

- Jess Darmofal

"Ten years ago I came back to having horses."

"I grew up around horses but was drawn away from the lifestyle as a young man while pursuing a career. Ten years ago I came back to having horses. Since that time I tried to spend as much time enjoying my horses while juggling my career until I came to the realization that something was missing so I moved to Colorado from California in August of 2008 and have never looked back."

"I believe in a common sense approach to training and handling a horse and that there is more than one way to approach almost any issue and some methods work better than others depending on the horse and the rider. You just have to find what works best for you. I strongly believe that basic groundwork will build upon respect, support, and trust. The same philosophy works with people too."

- Jon Jolicoeur

"I have loved horses all my life..."

"I have loved horses all my life but never owned a horse until 6 years ago. I was born in England and came to the USA many years ago and finally settled in Colorado. I am retired but have worked part time as a wrangler for the last 6 years up near Estes Park, enjoying being around and taking care of the horses and riding mine. Interests beside my horse are photography, reading and traveling."

- Susan Mosier

"I am so proud of my new license plates..."

"I grew up in western Massachusetts. When I was 16 and left for college, I gave my horse to the little girl up the road. In 1999 I moved to Colorado and after 40 horseless years, I was finally able to return to the world of equus. I celebrated my 60th birthday by buying Poppy, a Registered American Paint. Together we are learning dressage and jumping in Golden at Shiloh Farms. Every summer I loan her to Spirit Ranch of Colorado for their therapeutic riding programs. These years spent at the barn with Poppy and my riding friends are the happiest of my life. She is 18 so we are cantering into old age together!"

- Elizabeth Lord

"It's a great thing to be able to support
the Colorado Horse Industry in this unique way..."

"It's a great thing to be able to support the Colorado Horse Industry in this unique way. My name is Christy Hoover and as you know I live in Walden Colorado. Horses have been a huge part of my life for many years now, and have carried me through years in a feedlot, to chasing cows in the vast pastures that make up North Park, and also climbing up to the high mountain lakes that surround this part of Colorado. With the remoteness of our area, horses are also a great tool for North Park Search and Rescue, which I am also proud to be a part of. Just last fall three of us local yokels retrieved a fisherman in the wilderness that had broken his ankle. Thank goodness for the horses."

- Christy Lynn Hoover

"priviledged to live in a state that supports
one of our most valuable resources, the horse..."

"I rode western in my younger years, and now I have the distinct challenge of developing a partnership with my first jumper, Indy. I feel priviledged to live in a state that supports one of our most valuable resources, the horse, and the industry. Thanks to both CHDA and Govenor Bill Ritter!"

- Deb Makinney

"My horses are my life..."

"Hi, my name is Shelley Mercia and I am 42 years old. I have been riding horses since I was 5. My horses are my life, I would be lost with out them. I have 6 horses and a min donkey.. 2 geldings, 3 mares and a stallion. one of my geldings is 43 years old... He was my husbands first horse, his name is Eeyore. We still ride him lightly. My donkey is 10 years old, he was a throw away.. he has been a wonderful pet."

- Shelley Mercia

"an important part of our family..."

"We have owned horses for approximately ten years. My daughter has participated in local performance and gymkana events here in Northeast Colorado during that time. We only have 2 ½ acres just outside of Sterling but are lucky enough to have fencing and shelter for the two horses. They are an important part of our family with each having a unique and lovable personality."

- Greg and Leslie Dyson and Alynn, Sterling, CO

"first in La Plata County ..."

"My name is Tanya Gonzales. I'm a Denver native who married a Boulder native and moved to the country 17 years ago. With acreage came some pasture ornaments. I learned to ride horses at the age of 51 when one of my mares had a colt, and I want

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